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Bollywood: Oops Moments of Celebrity

All Celebrities have one common disease “Publicity”. They want to stay in news at any cost. Celebrities oops moments are not always accidents! Sometime they have created intentionally.

Bollywood Oops Gallery

Whatever, we always love to see such moments. I found dedicated group on social website on this subject. They have created large photo gallery. There are also Hollywood celebrities in it, but just forget it, It’s very common in Hollywood.Click here to see whole gallery.

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praveen kumar
hello send me oops moment pic
15 July 11 at 06:50
monika singh
i like oops moment
30 July 11 at 04:16
i like oop
6 August 11 at 03:29
sanjay kumar
like thes
25 September 11 at 16:37
shanker lal
i like oops moments
15 October 11 at 07:22
suhail khan
i love giirl”s ooops movement
11 November 11 at 15:42
hey pls send me some oooooops moment
I like oooooooooooooooooooooops moment
21 November 11 at 18:05
i like oops moments pic plz send me
1 February 12 at 11:38
lok prakash
i like oops moment of bolly wood
6 April 12 at 09:38
dharmpal meshram
ine apne aap ko hi nahi samal pate kapde kya khak samalenge ise liye opss ho jata he
19 May 12 at 04:14
plz send me uncute oops moments
13 September 12 at 07:52
please suggest some oops moments
29 January 14 at 11:01