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10 Golden Rules of Traffic

Indian traffic goes crazy every day, and why not? Where do 1.21 billion people will go? But the main problem is we don’t believe in traffic rules. As an Independent citizen we think, traffic rules are made only for bribe earning of traffic police.

traffic jam

Here are the people made rules for Indian roads.



1. Bigger is better
If you drives bicycle, bike rider is your boss. Auto Rikshaw is boss of bikes. Car, Bus, Truck and train.. In this way you will be safer if you ride bigger vehicle.

2. No Needs of Lanes
Wrong side is the word of poors. If traffic jam is occurred, you can drive on wrong side. All others vehicle will manage their way. You don’t need to think about more traffic jam.
Middle part of the Road is for looser. You can overtake them from any side you want.
3. Horn Works
If there is a traffic jam, its only your constant horn can solve problem. If you don’t horn it loud and constant people will go slow, they are always lazy. Only you are in hurry to reach destination.
4. Garbage Fill
Throwing garbage is act of charity. It will fill the broken roads and provide strength. Also its your good habit to keep your vehicle clean.
5. Side Signals?
70% people don’t know why side lights are provided in their vehicle? Its like a game. You shouldn’t tell strangers behind about, in which direction you are going to turn?
6. Teenage Driving
Teenage Driving is matter of proud. Parents should have proud that their kids can drive without license or exam. They should buy them high speed vehicles as a prize of their skills.
7. Traffic Signal
Traffic signals are valid only if there are a traffic police to catch you. It is totally wastage of electricity in mid-noon and nights.
8. Brake Lights
Trucks don’t need brake lights of reflector at back side. Only their crazy slogan and paintings are enough to draw attention at night.
9. Face Expressions
You must watch face of other drivers to understand what he is going to do. It is hard for him to give any proper signal, so he might shake his head. But you must keep attention otherwise accident will occur.
10. Parking
If you park your car at anywhere, road will automatically widen in width. And what the big deal if you are going to park for 1-2 hours only? No parking sign is just for space-crafts not for vehicles.


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