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Rajinikanth Joke – Now in Funny Pictures

Rajinikanth joke created huge storm in sms, newspaper, websites and at tea stall. We  have created funny photos of rajinikanth’s extream adventure. Sorry to the real fans of Rajinikanth, but this is just for fun.

Rajinikanth Jokes

Rajinikanth often suffers from gas trouble, and America have to suffer from “Katrina” like Hurricane.

Obama is praying  “the boss” to cure his gas trouble.

Joke 2

Rajinikanth Funny photos

Do you know what rajinikanth use for making “King-cross”?

It is Manhole cover.

Joke 3

Rajinikanth Superman funny

One day Rajinikanth Punched superman, and he started flying from that day.

Joke 4

Rajinikanth Funny Joke

One day Rajinikanth was playing with earth, and earth started rotating from that day.

Joke 5

Rajinikanth Funny Joke

Nasa appointed Rajinikanth, because he is the only person who can guide space shuttle in the space.

Joke 6

Rajinikanth Funny

Do you know why there is global warming? Its because rajinikanth smokes with factory chimney.

Joke 7

Rajinikanth Funny Pictures

Mars Rover Failed, because they didn’t ask permission from rajinikanth to land on mars.

Joke 8

Rajinikanth funny joke

Rajinikanth can fire two bullets at a time from his two fingers.

Joke 9

Rajinikanth Alien joke

Rajinikanth often talks with his alien friends from the space.

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i hate comments against thalivar.
22 January 11 at 13:21
it’s look like NARESH KANODIYO……………HA HA HA
22 January 11 at 18:58
Pls leave the rajnikant all alone now.
23 January 11 at 10:59
Gulshan Mishra
Archaeologists unearthed an old English dictionary dating back to the year 1236. It defined “victim” as “one who has encountered Rajinikanth”.
23 January 11 at 18:55
How dare u do it…..wait and see….
Rajni will take u to the moon & leav u there alone..
24 January 11 at 10:57
salim amlani
27 January 11 at 11:22
Anit Parmar
hahaha. amazing jokes.
28 January 11 at 14:02
Namit Dahal
Rajni Rajni-The bOss….The King
31 January 11 at 16:05
rajnikant bolo to zakkas
1 February 11 at 18:47
wah rajni is the best of the worls
10 February 11 at 13:09
adib mohsin
for rajnikant NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBAL>>>>>
25 August 11 at 07:41
26 June 12 at 12:38
Do you know why TSUNAMI comes…. Because.. at that time Rajnikant has just dived into his swimming pool i.e. sea….to take bath…
19 August 12 at 12:41
Do you people know that Rajnikant is a surgeon who can perform operation even with matchsticks….
19 August 12 at 12:44
Akhil achu
The super star rajni… Coming soon vth a huge film.. Watch that..
4 September 12 at 13:06